Sunday, January 07, 2007


My first impressions?

As I didn’t engage in the usual tourist activities, I can’t comment on the beauty of the Red Fort or on the loveliness of Connaught place. My knowledge of the city comes from my daily life while commuting, working, and going out at nights or on the weekends.

On the plus side, Delhi has better infrastructure than Bangalore and less invading beggars. The city is also cleaner and less polluted as most vehicles use gas. In addition, I found that locals were less staring and more helpful.

On the not-so-good side, one has to bargain much harder with the auto drivers as they rarely use their meter, the nightlife is more expensive and I found the city less safe at night.

In Bangalore, I felt at home. In Delhi, I still feel a bit lost as I didn’t have much time to explore the city.

New place, new opportunities!

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!.. U have gained big amount of knowledge abt India..but still u need more to Discover...M ankur and 17 and i Live in delhi...Liked your Blog a lot..(( BUT NOT THT DELHI PART>>>GEEEK>>Y YOU SAID DELHI IS INSAFE AFTER 8??? ))..wellwould surely love you..(( THOUGH I AM ONLY 17 ..but have covererd many Parts of India on My Motorcycle.. )) anytime you come Delhi..just get in touch with me if you need ANY HELP..i would be happy to help you in ANY WAY......)))