Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Temple Addiction

Written by Vikas...

People in Madurai go to temple daily. It is a habit ingrained in them. Why would someone in the age group of 15-25 go to a temple? Well, I faced this question as I was working on my summer project. So, I asked myself what were the reasons when I went to temples.

Reason 1: Good LuckYou want something to happen and you know there is more than hard work, intelligence or talent required for success. You need luck. And who other than God can provide with luck. Well, in my case it ceased to be a reason very early as I understood that mera to bad luck hi kharaab hai. If I asked God something, it sure was rejected. Still, appeasing God for luck is the most common reason for going to temples.

Reason 2: Hello to God
Before I completely stopped going to temples, I went there because the people I respected or loved wanted me to go there. So, people go just because they are asked to as a kid. The habit continues and soon becomes a part of life. I can describe it as people go there just to say hello to God.

Reason 3: Peace of Mind
I went to the temple in BHU because it was really clean, had cool tiles and the bells resonated. I would sleep there when I was lost. But there are few temples, where you can actually sleep. Banaras is full of temples. Still, I never felt like going to any other temple there. However, people say that they go to temples for peace of mind.

Reason 4: Girls
Many people whom I knew would go to temple to look at girls. And in fact it was used as an opportunity to touch girls. Well, touching a girl is still a big thing in many parts of India. The famous temples have long queues of devotees waiting to see the idol and perform the puja. In such a rush rubbing someone can be claimed as accidental. Therefore, in many temples, there are separate lines for men and women.

Reason 5: Dating
Temples are best dating spot for lovers hailing from conservative families. I used the word lover because the India where I’ve spent most of my life have people claiming to be in love even before their first date. Anyways, I’ve been to temples twice to meet girls. The first time it happened I was 17 and the girl with me educated me about temples as the best dating place. She beckoned me to the various lovers there. She was quite a learned girl. The second time it happened I was 22. This time the girl was from a conservative muslim family. And that was the only place where we could sit together without her well built brothers finding us. I was really scared then as I imagined my dead body with half slit throat hanging from a tall building. Anyways, I survived. I believe that temples are indeed a great place for boys and girls to meet.

The reasons I cite are neither mutually exclusive nor collectively exhaustive. These are again my experiences with truth, lies & …


Rupesh said...

So true... I used to date my gf in temples. She is now my wife ;-)

Great blog! You even almost convinced me to pledge to donate my eyes... I also liked the "desi/pardesi" post and the "promotion" post. I guess most posts are mainly addressed to foreign readers (advices, etc)...


erasmus-in-india said...

Well the post was written by vikas. I dont really know whether it is true or not. Obviously, I never experienced it ;o)

And belated congrat for ur wedding!

workhard said...

Great post..

I could barely imagine couples go to temples for dating purpose

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Rajasthan Tourism said...

In India there are so many temples many people go to temple to workship also. Awesome points shared here...