Monday, July 24, 2006

Proud to be an Indian

Obviously a yes/no question is a bit simplistic... Proud to be an Indian? Why? Share with us the reasons why you love, like, dislike, hate India. What makes you proud to be born there? What are your hopes, expectations and dreams for your country? What image would you like foreigners to have of India?



Dexter said...


Raj said...

I m proud to be an Indian! Why? Hard to explain... India is not a perfect country but it is mine... I was born here and will probably die here as well... I believe indians can and will achieve great things in the future... Feel free to join us! ;o)

Naveen said...

Yes, proud to be an Indian! Especially after reading your blog! Thanks...

prajna said...

Yes! very much proud to be an Indian,despite it's many weaknesses,it's a vibrant place where you'll find innumerable "civilisations" coexisting. Where else do you find such colourful mix ?
And more over,as they say..."Old or ugly mother is still lovely"

jatinder said...

jatin kumar

Yes I am proud to be an indian.there are so many reasons as why we shouldnt be proud as infrasturcture,lack of systems and so on.. but we are doing so good in IT.we are doing so good in GDP.why the companies all over the world are looking at india as their destination ro survive. cost can not be cut if you dont have world class educated people there to orun your bussiness.At this moment India is on the map of the world as a tiger.SO I AM VERY MUCH PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN. THANKS

Madhav said...

Yes, I am proud to be an Indian. I know there are a lot good and lot bad to say about this country. Things obviously needs improvment and as each day passes thing are actually moving to their normals though the settlement is lengthy. But hating this country and turning you back on it won't really help the cause. I studied and been in Sydney for 5 years and got residency there but the love of this country pulled me back.

Be a sincere citizen and guide others for what's right is what is your role is supposed to be...... its sure gets counted.

binny said...

Its only in India that you can experience so much variance in every aspect of life... from the weather( you might not have noticed this being in bangalore :P ) to the people, from the geography to the religions. But oneness in all this diversity is the thing to be proud of ... Sure there are lots of room to improve but we are a very young nation (60 years old only) and we'll only get better.

erasmus-in-india said...

Great to see such positive comments!

Anonymous said...

I was born in UK and didnt visit India until I was 32.

My Indian heritage, culture and traditions have served us well and kept us strong!

Going to India for the first time was a shock, but a pleasant one, seeing the worst and the best of the country made me very proud of our people's incredible ingenuity and resolve in the face of what seems impossible cirumstances and hardship.

For that I am incredibly proud of who I am and where I come from and cannot wait to return.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be an Indian! The only country where everyone works together and all the culture that has been preserved its just unbelivable

Karan Kundal said...

Please raise your voice against the shive sena rage against north indians in maharastra.



Rasjesh said...

Dear All...for me India is not a state....its a never ending passion...she is my mother and my lover at the same time....she herself an inner dance...we cannot see this much color variations in any where in the world.....some times she will make you cry...same time she will wipe out your tears.....she is the only country in the world capable to teach you the essence of reveal the real human behind you......

About Me said...

Important and interesting information in the interest of our Country.

Did you know that there is a system in our constitution, as per the 1969
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prerak said...

INDIA is the only country in the world where people of multiple diversities live together with harmony and peace. INDIANS are pure by heart and selfless. The education system of INDIA is challenging and makes INDIAN students capable of surviving in the real world. The culture and heritage of INDIA is still preserved and turns out to be best when compared with the cultures of other countries of world. The thing that makes me most proud of INDIA is that INDIA maintains the olden customs and traditions and along with that INDIA also progresses fast with the new systems and development. In the olden age INDIA was called the "GOLDEN BIRD". Today, after 62 years of independence, being a developing country, INDIA can compete with all the nations of world.

Anonymous said...

Wanna know, reasons of mine to fall in love with India, just watch recent Hindi movie, 'Ye Mera India', YES... we are 11.2+ billion in population.... have more than 21 MAJOR languages...., yes, we hate each other.... we do not like to even to utter a single word in any one of them, except our own tongue or ENGLISH.... we do not like if any north Indian comes to Mumbai or Bangalore...., we blame each other any every bad thing.... we had worst infra structure in the world.... worst football team..... even we didn't do well in past Olympics... and what not.... But you trust or not, there is one saying in India, fights happen only when there are two people, means if WE ARE TOGETHER then only we will have conflicts of thoughts.... And more importantly, we are still growing and on top of the fact that much better than any one else in the world.... HOW??? did you ever thought about that???? Its you, who has to decide what is more important, all that pretty things or OUR TOGETHERNESS....

Nayantara said...

I grew up in India, in quite a westernised family. I always knew I was proud to be an Indian I didn't know why until I started university in Hungary. I had always wondered at the vast no.s of NRI's our country produces, now more than ever I still wonder. We have a population of over 11.2 million. My city alone has a population around 5 million. My local grocery store guy still recognises me.I love the fact that things are quirky, they seem more real to me, everything maybe prefect here and I still wait until I can come home. I even miss powecuts. I miss the silence and the darkness which accompanies it. I miss seeing life and colour. I miss seeing animals on the road. I miss sunsets and monsoons. I miss even the potholes.I don't care for a perfect life. If I live like a machine, like a carbon copy of around half the individuals like me.I do want India to improve. I want corruption and poverty and illiteracy to be removed. I want it to be scrubbed clean. But most of all I dont want it to become a copy of the west. I dont want it to lose its soul.

Anonymous said...

How was India in 1835:

Read this:
Lord Macaulay's address to the British parliament 2 February, 1835:

"I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them".

sam said...

Every person should proud to be on his own nationality and it is really necessary also.india is a land of beauty and natural sources,although in india you can visit so many mysterious tourist place so
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MsBlogger said...

I'm very proud to be Indian because of many different reasons... I can see it has faults like how the middle class grow but the working class don't get better lifestyles. I think in India we need to try and share our money a bit more and target primary education. However I feel Indians have a living, breathing social body that can make difference from within, which is exactly what we need to do. We don't necessarily need help from outside, We all have it in us to make that difference, we need leaders and the public need to be able to follow what they say for the good of our country. There's a lot to be proud of but even more that can be achieved if only we put our country instead of our pockets first!

Tamil said...


Rock - The Stone said...

I Proud To Be Indian bcoz....

online book store said...


AS Every should proud to be an Indian I am also very much proud to be an Indian.


Amrita said...

There may be thousands statistics which attracts everybody towards India but there is this special feeling of love towards motherland that unexplainable. India is my proud, India is my country and I am so proud to be an Indian... Vatan mera India, Dharam mera India ... Love you India

Proud to be Indian said...

Yes I am proud to be Indian. I am proud because I know the facts about our motherland that many people don't know. some of them are :

Sanskrit is considered as the mother of all higher languages. It is the most precise and therefore suitable language for computer software. (A report in Forbes magazine, July 1987).

Although modern images & descriptions of India often show poverty, India was one of the richest countries before British rule in India, i.e. during the early 17th Century. Christopher Columbus was attracted by India’s wealth and was looking for a route to India when he discovered America by mistake. India has fed the greed of almost every powerful nation or ruler (that/who looked upon it, during those times) and is poised to be at the top of the world in all aspects.

India is the Largest democracy in the world, the 7th largest country in the world AND one of the most ancient and living civilizations (at least 10, 000 years old).

Despite the global meltdown that impacted most emerging market economies, India’s GDP growth of 7.1 per cent for the current year would make the country the second-fastest growing economy of the world.

India has the largest number of biomass gasifier systems in the world producing 656 mega watts (MW) of power.

I am proud to be Indian said...

I am also proud to be Indian

Indian origin 96-year old, Randall Butisingh, now a Florida resident is the world’s oldest blogger. He runs a popular India blog

Pepsico, the $43-billion beverages and snacks company, had its annual global meet in India for the first time, in 2009.This was the second time this meeting was held outside US. Last time it was in Mexico.To ensure timely payment of wages to workers under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), more than two crores worth of saving bank accounts have been opened in banks and post offices across the country. This is the largest number of bank accounts linked to a development programme across the globe.Volunteers in Dungarpur, India planted 600,000 trees in 24 hours under the guidance of Indian Forestry Service which is a world record.

Anonymous said...

happy to see this worthful answers............ GREAT INDIA IS......... Jaihind

Sophia said...

Yes i am proud to be living in this Great nation of civilization, culture and heritage. Who can deny that India is a Powerful country sprititually?? India the Word is self explanatory for all the rich culture, people and humanity.

-Sophia, Tuty

My Journeys said...

Why we are proud to be Indians, Yes below is the explanation from my end ...

1. India is only country in the world having all multi things like multi religion, multi language e.t.c , wake up early 5:00 AM in the morning and go to upstairs, you hear all the religious songs at one time ... :)

2. India is the only country where every citizen has all the rights ... right to speak, right to media, right to vote, right to question e.t.c now the problem is with citizens who doesn't know how to raise voice

3. Whole world has many leaders ... but India is the only country where the leaders with peace are winners (Gandhi, Anna) ... U name any country u will not have peace winners, only blood wins costing 1000000 lives

4. Over 60% farmers with 11% growth u cant have any where in the world ... what does this mean it takes 10mins for the govt to own ur land and develop... but Indian rules are set for the people

5. India might be high in corruption but figured 220 at inflation ... how does this help ... it help u buying goods with reasonable rates

6. Right to vote .. why i am taking as a new point cause it does matter a lot ... i can choose my leader of my wish ... we do mistake in choosing leader based on caste, love and relation but the fact is that u r given option which many countries doesn't have

there are man which i can explain but wanted to say others things ...

What Indians need to learn

1. Why are good technically, but does any one of know what GDP, Inflation, Growth, Democracy e.t.c means ... I would suggest every Indain to learn basics of economics before speaking on country

2. We all should know what Rights we have and should educate how we can use it ... Problem is that i know we have all rights but i too dont how we can use them in real life

3. Politics : this is important ... how can we change ... keep one hand on your heart and say top 10 best politicians in India .. do you know them ... we just vote with out knowing ... change the view vote by learning

4. Environment : Have every thought of it .... think about it ... how we can change

5. corruption ... Personally i give least preference to this cause u change ur thoughts corruption will reduce automatically .. Corruption is not problem of India it is problem of Indians(People)

6. 99% of people say I Love India with no reason or I hate India with nonsense reason ... First learn basic of Economics, History of world, Greatness of India. You say u hate India ... You are lucky enough to say I Hate ... if it happens in other country you are shoot ... Its True

Manny said...

Proud of India because of its Dharmic culture.

The sickularists and the Vatican and Evangelicals are working towards destroying this Dharmic culture of India.

Once this Dharmic culture destroyed like how its happening in the South of India, India would become the Haiti of Asia.

In about 100 years, India would become the Haiti or Guatemala of Asia.

Manny said...

Forgot to mention, Haiti of Asia...errr I mean India already has its Baby Doc. and Mrs Jean-Claude Duvalier in power and this party has ruled India 90% of the time since 1947.

Manny said...

Having explain what I am proud of India... i.e. its Dharmic culture and values.

Now, let me tell you why I am not Proud of today's India.

India has had one single political party in power for 90% of the time out of which a single family has ruled 82% of that time.

This is Feudalism.

Gandhi et al fought for freedom and gave the keys to the nation to Nehru and this family is yet to return the keys..they are keepting it for themselves and their progeny into perpetuity.

This family suffers from "Münchausen syndrome by proxy". They need to keep 700 million live abject poverty so they can mother them and in turn they keep voting this family back in power.

India is not a republic. Its Fedual power system.

Too bad.

manish said...

I proud being indian.. I belongs here and i feel it as my country.. as i feel my mom, my dad, my family!!

Indian said...

I'm proud to be an Indian because :

1) We are the country with the biggest and most successful
democracy in the world.

2) We are the country which invented 0.

3) We are one of the earliest civilizations in the world, with
unparalleled contributions to literature and philosophy such as the Vedas, Gita, Mahabharata and Ramayana.

4) Unity in Diversity – We are a land of diverse cultures, languages
and traditions which co-exist peacefully and have a single
nationalistic identity.

Proud to be an Indian said...

I am proud to be born in this land which is called BharathaVarsha. i am a Kannadiga i love the diversity of languages, culture, cuisine, people, religion, etc., of which BharathaVarsha is home for. i really love how even in such a diverse land the sense of oneness prevails because the BHAARATHA/BHARATHA i heard a learned one say it means the land in which the people play with the light(knowledge) it is because of this. the wisdom of a Upanishad mantra is marked upon our national emblem saying truth alone prevails it shows the essence of our life in this land. the life which finds inspiration in wisdom of seers who hailed the land and its resources to be the very aspect of the divine. our sacred rivers, sacred moutains, holy places which basically spoke about the respect the people of the land have for its natural resources and the land itself. Indeed the national anthem speaks about this is and much more. VANDE MATARAM!

rajasthan said...

Yes , I'm proud to be an Indian because India is rising very fast and as a software developer I know How fast Software industry is rising and software officials

Indiafreak said...

Thanks for your comments! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be an Indian because it is great privilege to be an Indian India is greatly cultured country with many intelligence in it.

suman kashyap said...

I am proud to be an Indian because it is great privilege to be an Indian India is greatly cultured country with many intelligence in it. Here I want to say -

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Anonymous said...

yes of course India is my country i belong 2 India it is my life . :) well wat 2 say India is such a country dat................ i hav no words the people , culture, dresses, languages, states dis country is a diamond out of a million black stones WHICH HAVE NO VALUE but 4 me n my Indians dat diamond is very precious ......... it's my life der's no country wid nearly 28 states, 22 languages, such people ''MY'' country is great wow awsm beautiful wonderful magical n the BEST of all .............. i love India n I love n i am proud 2 b an indian !!!!!!!! v hav a very inspiring flag ha ..............:)India ..... i love u 4m the bottom of ma heart :) :D :*

Sathish said...

Feel proud to be an Indian. if u haven't felt . I'll tell u why u should.

Despite nasty roads,
Despite silly politics,
Despite corrupt officials,
Despite outsourcing most of our Intelligence,
Despite huge payload(population),
Despite over exhausted natural resources

India is the only country that still survives,

Still lets u walk on its roads with freedom,
forgives its betrayers , yeah, "the" Politicians,
gives tax benefits even for people who don't pay them.
trying to educate each child born with its Humanity
Holding innumerable "civilizations" together
Gives away last drop of everything it can.

What an Irony :|
Now plz don't feel proud until u find ur own reason .
It made us proud, we exploited everything of it n never gave anything back .


Anonymous said...

i proud to be indian bcoz INDIA ia my country aur yha sache dil ke insan hai .....yha insaniyat hai ...yha dosto ki pehchan hai....maa ka pyar hai.....desh per mar mitne wale log yha hai.. I LOVE MY INDIA ...JAI HIND !!

Rajasthan Tours said...

India is very big and beautiful country there are many people living in different religious but lives like a whole family. There are so many places to visit and enjoying there.
We all proud to be INDIAN...

kerala india said...

I am also proud to be an indian.
Kerlal India

Petter Joe said...

WOW! This was such an amazing read! You are so lucky to have the opportunities to travel to such amazing destinations! And your writing is so good, I feel like I was right there with you! :) Petter Joe

Shivam Kejriwal said...

I am extremely proud to be an Indian, and to do my part, few students along with me have gotten together and started an initiative to improve our political outlook. We would like your support and