Friday, July 07, 2006


My boyfriend accused me of hijacking his blog. True! Let's promote his blog here.

What he wrote on his blog

"This is to inform all my blog readers (I can count them on finger ;o)) that my blog has been hijacked by one Miss (name removed). She has tampered with the template and has used my blog to advertise her blog. However, I cannot take any remedial action as a man is always exploited by his woman. Oops! it is in fact true not only for human beings but extends to all species. Needless to say that I am expectantly looking for a saviour.

PS: Do read her blog or else I'll be sleeping on the couch for the rest of my life."

What I would like to add

No worries, our fights always end well. After, the first step (above on the pic), below are the following ones.

Second step: We ignore each others

Third step: I apologize

Fourth step: He kisses me

Fifth step: I sleep on his shoulder


Isa said...

A qd le pti lionceau? ;o)

Jean said...

Great choice of pictures... And you are right. we are no more than animals.

erasmus-in-india said...

Isa: le pti lionceau n'est pas encore au programme ;)

Jean: tks!