Saturday, June 10, 2006

I, Miss India

“I miss India” or as one of my friends would say “I, Miss India”?

Despite living in Belgium right now, my mind is still in India. I think India. I dream India. I speak India. I live India. I watch Bollywood movies. I try to learn Hindi.

My non-Indian friends are slowly getting sick of this obsession! If you know the cure, please help. I dread the next phase: me wearing the saree in Belgium ;o)


Dexter said...

cure is simple honey! come back to india ;)

also, adding gurgaon to the link wont hurt :D

GuNs said...

Thankfully, a new post. Its really interesting to read about your adventures. Thankfully too, posts in the correct legible order i.e reverse chronological.

Keep writing and wear a saree in Belgium. It just might become the new rage in town !! You will get credits for starting a new wave !!


erasmus-in-india said...

Dexter: happy? Gurgaon was added in the blogroll... but dont get the "MDI gurgaon is the best mba" attitude! IIMB students (including me) wud fight back ;)

Guns: well, it might become the new rage... in the hospital where I wud be hosted for a while ;o)

Bommai said...

ya..his rite..juz go back 2 india..

u see..i also in dis situation..i miss india..a lotsss..

i watch tamil n hindi movies..

i really miss india..part of me is still there..;(

Anonymous said...

who are you! haha oh my i totaly relate to you more than i can explain. I cry somtimes wishing i was back. Where did you go, what did you do. Talk to me anytime you want to talkabout this place. I am sooo passionate about india. I have a tatoo on my foot of the country

email me or add me on facebook

Anonymous said...

You Miss India.. for what.. of having hipocrate society, of neglecting own heritage and copy so called western countries just to feel cool. In current times india is no more the heritage and cultural india. It has transfored to country of confused generation who thinks that by behaving life westerners make them cool. How shit head they could be. Anyways i have been in USA and i came back to india with notion that i would do something for my people but i forgot that people here are infested with old british raj syndrome. All are assholes, self centered, selfish and motherfuckers and would happly stab you behind your back when you need them the most. Food is great i agree, but pal remember the saying that "the grass is always greener on the otherside" and "never judge is book by it cover". INDIA HAS CHANGED FOR WORSE AND PATHETIC FUTURE. May god bring back AMERICA back on feet so that the true potential people could work with people who are trustworthy and honest. GOD BLESS AMERICA WITH PROSPEROUS AND EVERGREEN FUTURE. I BE BACK USA.
P.S:- Get going with you life in belgium and don't commit mistake to come back to land full of shitheads rather slumdogs...

Best wishes,
Ex-Indian (soon)

moksha108 said...

Hello...I typed in 'I miss India' and your blog came up! Am joining in with you as one who is madly in love with India and counts the days until my feet may again touch Indian soil. Like you, I feel it is almost an obsession. My husband truly doubted my getting on my return flight out of Bangalore last month, as I was beyond consolable leaving 'my' beloved India. Nice to connect with your blog!

Ash said...

Just like the previous comment I googled across to your blog. I was born in India and love it to bits. Like it or not I now live in Great Britain and I haven't gone back to India in years :(

I miss India's spicy food (oh my god), colourful clothes, fun loving people, cities full of life (mumbai), Indian movies, Bollywood songs, Pav Bhaji, Diwali, Sweeties! but most of all my parents :| They are the two people who love me the most and I love and miss them tons and tons!

I partially agree with the anonymous post above, Indians are fascinated by foreigners but that's true for everybody isn't it? I mean the first time I met someone from Sweden I was curious and excited and I still am attracted to everything exotic. I had some Swedish crisp bread for lunch today. I find it yummy because I am having it for the first time, eventually I will get bored.

I also agree with someone who said guess the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

liew dow said...

ure is simple honey! come back to india ;)


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gtsunami said...

i m with you man. everyday since i am back in belgium in stumble into one of these nonsenses i forgot while in india, miss the way it is and promise myself to do what i can to go back

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