Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Share your views on the Indian software industry.

I've been busy writting a paper on the Indian software industry. I already found many sources online or in libraries but any additional sources could be useful!

The requirements:
-100 pages + 50 pages of appendix
-200-300 sources

Feel free to give me your insights on this sector either by email or in the comment section of this post. The more factual, the better!

1. Where would be India now without the software industry?
2. Could Indian software houses have achieved the same early success if they had simply done all the software development work from their Indian base (vs body-shopping)?
3. What was/is the impact of the software industry:
-on the Indian GDP growth?
-on the development of the indian VC (venture capital) industry?
-on the liberalisation of the economy (lobbying to ease the financing)?
-on the improved infrastructure (lobbying to ensure the electricity supply, etc.)
4. Which other sectors benefit the most from the Indian software success (spillovers)?
5. Why did Bangalore become the Indian Silicon Valley?
6. What is/will be the effect of clustering? Will the whole country benefit from the software success or will it increase the disparities between states?
7. Should India be affraid of the Chinese software industry?
8. What would be the impact of the IIT reservation on the software industry?

Thanks a lot!


Dexter said...

have you read The World is Flat by Thomas friedman?

heres a link to 4 academic case studies on infosys.

erasmus-in-india said...

so u finally decided to read my blog? good choice! lol... tks for the link... tc

Dexter said...

ha ha! i was getting lots of hits from belgium so was wondering yeh hindi ki chatra kon hai? ;)

Ron said...

Hi Elise,

Belgium has always appealed to me. I want to visit that country someday. I am Indian living in USA. I came across your blog link from another blog and read through the whole blog at once.

Superb writing. What touched me was your frankness and candor. Even though I havent met you, all I can say is that you are a gem of a person. Each and every post was heartwarming to say the least. A girl from a first world country...comes to India...mixes with the people so sleeping with many people in 1 bed in Orissa...if this aint flexibility...tell me what is? Lucky will be the man who gets you in life and blessed are the people who meet you. Suffice it to say that the world would have been a better place to live if there were more people like you. Your only 22...with the world at your feet.

What your blog did to me was it lit a fire somewhere deep within. Childhood dreams and energy are often killed by the harsh professional world...the child inside me died long bought it back...and reinvigorated me...and bought back those dreams.

Here's another interesting link (but not so glowing ) which you may find useful.

If you ever come to USA, please tell me...wd love to meet you.

erasmus-in-india said...

Tks for ur really nice message! I might go back to the US sometimes. I'll let u know. tc

nourish_naresh said... i came here to share my software experience that i had for the last 8 months...but i u nkow what i have nothing to say much in this context except that i have learnt how to press...i mean being a medical equipment tester...just recently i went thru a harrowing week which u can read on my blog...sick it only made my desire to do an mba all the more stronger...and yes if u happen to go thru my blog..kindly mention what is needed to get into iim's u have been i wish i m there tooo....enjoy ur stay in india...

erasmus-in-india said...

well i was at IIMB as exchange student... the way to any of the IIM's for the full 2-year program is to crack the CAT (or GMAT). Good luck to u!

Laura said...

Don't read the World is Flat!!!

Its an extremely narrow-minded and "feel good" book written by an "economist" who has penchant for cheesy catch phrases (lexus and the olive tree ring a bell?).

Please steer clear of Friedman if you want your paper to be at all well-informed. No one takes him seriously in the academic or professional world.

I actually work for a large IT Outsourving company in Bangalore, and recommend reading analyst reports on Forrester, McKinsey Quarterly Reports, Industry Publications like CIO ( or, but it depends on your current level of expertise and in which direction you want to take your reasearch.

erasmus-in-india said...

Laura, tks for ur advices. unfortunately, most highly interesting reports are not free...

Anonymous said...

It won’t be wrong to say that the IT sector has made the world stand up and take notice of the countries like India. India’s IT poweress is one reason why such massive deals like the Tata Chorus deal and the Hindalco Novelis deal could get shape and turn into India’s favor. Had it not been for the IT sector, there were chances that these multi million dollar deals would not have matured the way they have.