Sunday, April 23, 2006

6 months with my Indian boyfriend

Today is our 6-month anniversary!

We are just two people who met in India. It could have been anywhere in the world but it happened in India and this country is still quite mysterious to me. I’m a bit tensed as I know that being in a long term relationship doesn’t have the same meaning in India and in my country. Both our families are aware of our relationship… Let’s wait and see!


Anonymous said...

One of my blog reader sent me this mail on my inbox. I wanted to share it with u because it is part of what scares me. I changed the names and made sure that he would remain anonymous.

"Hello Elise, I am from Peru, in South America. Congratulations for telling us all your experience in India!!! It sounds very Interesting.

I have my daughter that lives in the United States, she is 23 years old and she already finished her College. She has a boyfriend from India (Mumbai) he already lives in Manhathan (New York) for 10 years, they met there. He is a very nice guy, very polite, smart and he has a PHD in Electrical Ingeenering. He came to Peru a couple of times to visit us!!! In February I traveled to India with my daughter and with him as tourists. I met all his family in Mumbai, they are nice his parents are both doctors.They have good status in India But I felt the pressure of his family to get married his son with my daughter, she( my daughter) did not accepted because was to soon but his family celebrate a ceremony of engagement Sakhar Puda, because they told that the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend do not exist in India. They celebrate a very luxurius ceremony with all their relatives and friends, I was very surprise of it!!!!Now my daughter is in Peru taking a vacations, but she told me that she wouldn’t like to get married with him because she saw India that our customs and traditions are completely different, Is another culture that is very difficult for us to understand.

I wanted to share with you, this experience!!! India is a very poor country but I liked it. It is different, very mistic! I would like to go back again!"

Mohan said...

hey elise,
Carry urself with the same grace, poise and dignity. u deserve the best.