Sunday, April 23, 2006

6 months with my Indian boyfriend

Today is our 6-month anniversary!

We are just two people who met in India. It could have been anywhere in the world but it happened in India and this country is still quite mysterious to me. I’m a bit tensed as I know that being in a long term relationship doesn’t have the same meaning in India and in my country. Both our families are aware of our relationship… Let’s wait and see!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why do I want to go back to India?

Why do I want to go back to a country driven by corruption and giving up on half its population? The filth, the xenophobia, the bad infrastructure, the relatively low standards of living, the diseases and the pollution should also discourage me to return...

Passionate India

India is a country where everything is pushed to the extreme: the poverty, the wealth, the warmth, the pollution, the colours, the religions… One doesn't like or dislike India. One loves it or hates it.

Passion can be dangerous but is also an achievement driver. I obviously disapprove extremisms that aim at hurting others but I love passionate people who have the guts to make their dreams come true.

Exciting Potential

As a b-school student, I can’t ignore India’s huge economic potential. India and China are tomorrow’s economic leaders. Despite being a pool of talented and energetic people, India still has structural problems to deal with. Hence, the pace at which India will overcome the world will depend on government’s willingness to change the rules of the game. Infrastructure should be improved, capital flows should be liberalized and meritocracy should be encouraged.