Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Clothing and shoes

Avoid wearing revealing clothes (especially in rural areas). When visiting a religious building, you will generally be required to cover your head and be dressed conservatively. In addition, some Hindu temples may not allow any leather items inside the temple.

Make sure to remove your footwear before entering a temple/mosque. Traditionally, shoes are not worn in households either.

Hand and feet

Only use your right hand when receiving/eating food or when receiving/giving money or gifts.

Avoid touching books/papers (money/gold) with your feet. They are considered the physical forms of the Goddess of learning (Goddess of wealth).

Avoid touching or pointing at people with your feet. Feet should also not be extended toward any religious artifact or symbol.

Affection display

Avoid displaying affection in public. It can lead to fines (e.g. Rs 500 in Delhi for making "illegal use" of public spaces) or even arrest.


Anonymous said...

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Jaime Silva said...

First, Let me congratulate you, I have been reading some blogs and yours is absolutely fantastic!!!

Regarding this post I was surprised when I saw couples having gestures of afection...

Even men were huging and holding hands...

I'm in bangalore not even for a week but in MG Road... I had this impression

Rajasthan Trip said...

Nice information shared Respect is very good and nice we have to respect to everybody even he is younger with or elder with you if you respect him/her you also get same with them..