Monday, January 23, 2006

Appetizing prey


GuNs said...

Hey. awesome pics there. What camera do you use? BTW, this photo looks awfully like the Mysore Palace to me. Are you sure you didnt mix up?

Anyhow, is there a way I can see which is your most recent post? Its very tough to find your most recent post on your blog.


erasmus-in-india said...

Oops, true, it is the Mysore Palace!! I use the Sony DSC-H1 Cyber-shot digital. I was a bit disappointed by the pic quality.

My biggest problem is that I like pics of people but dont want them to feel that I'm stealing part of their life by taking their pics.

Hence, I end up taking pics from a distance. The 12X zoom is quite useful but with such zoom if the camera is not fully stable, the pics are blured.

Still need a bit of practice... and should also take a few hours of my time to improve my pics with photoshop... Soon, soon...

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