Thursday, January 05, 2006


Health recommendations

Most foreigners I know had some (mainly minor) digestive problems during their stay. Risks can be decreased by following a few simple rules: 

-Wash your hands with soap before eating.
-Protect your food from insects.
-Wash your fruits and vegetables with clean water or peel them.
-Prefer cooked vegetables to raw ones as heat destroys harmful germs.
-Don’t consume if you suspect a break in the cold chain (I have seen fridges being turned off at night in local shops).


If you are not accustomed to spicy dishes and would like to order your food not spicy, simply say so. If you still find the food too hot, add lemon to your meal to lessen the spiciness.


Only use your right hand when receiving or eating food (whether you are using cutlery or your fingers). The left hand is considered unclean and eating with it is frowned upon.

Indian food is generally meant to be eaten with the hand. If you are not comfortable using your fingers (technique that involves practice!), most restaurants provide cutlery.

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