Sunday, September 25, 2005

IIMB classes

IIMB offers a range of classes from International Finance to Competitive Marketing Strategy. Each lecture lasts 90 minute (without break) and is attended by around 50 students quietly listening to the professor.

Attendance to class is compulsory. Too many absences might result in not getting credit for a course. Conclusion, BE in the class. Many IIMB students don’t hesitate to sleep during the lecture which is quite disturbing at first. Some professors don’t care or, if they do, you'll only find out when you'll get your grades.

I'm hoping to have long weekends to have the opportunity to travel. Given the proposed schedule and the attendance requirements, I doubt it will be possible. Add to this that other exchange students have to take 3-4 credits when I have to take 5 and you can guess how tricky it will be for me to find the perfect schedule.

Update: In 2011, IIMB decided to make attendance voluntary across all courses.

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RK said...

Wow. I am getting to see what I missed out. Looks like it is not much.