Saturday, September 10, 2005

Indian birthday bump

You might want to avoid celebrating your birthday in India! Luckily, as I am born in the spring, I won’t have to celebrate mine here...

On the campus, birthday rituals include:
-Cake smashed in the face
-Cold water poured over the head
-Having to perform silly sexy dances
-Being kicked in the ass!

Regarding the latter, the birthday boy* is held up in the air by his hands/legs by his friends and kicked in the butt. The number of bumps is supposed to equal the age of the person but the kicks usually don’t stop when that number is reached. And the kicking is quite brutal!

The birthday bump tradition is widespread in India (not IIMB specific) but is not usually followed in presence of families.

*Girls are not spared but the kicking is gentler as it is done by girls only.


Anonymous said...

Kicking asses? Well, don’t even try to kick me! Will you be back in January for my birthday?

martin said...

We were all thinking of you yesterday at Francois’s birthday… We tried the kicking thing ;o) I m not sure how hard we could kick…

Mohan said...

It is a great tradition followed in most of the profeessional institutes, believe me there is more pleasure than pain in those kicks right at ur back