Monday, September 05, 2005

05/09 And more…

Two more guys to meet! One for lunch, the other one at 5… Haven't changed my mind… Indian food is delicious! The first guy had just started his own company… I love such entrepreneurship spirit! Went at the company he just left to meet a girl who were at IIMB a few years before. Need some advices to choose my classes ;o)

5 o’clock! MG road again… Would have die for some chocolate. Had chocolate with ice! Yes, Ice! Made with water… Stomach first and then brain. But was really good! Shopping… Bought clothes and my own helmet! Don't want to depend on my Indian friends for security anymore. Had fresh fruit juice… The guy added water… I guess my stomach is really the boss! Went to my friend’s place… Met my friend’s friends which was great!

Back on the campus… Have to book some buses/trains to go to Mysore on Wednesday… Planning to go with another exchange student.

Btw, my mosquito net is still in my bag… Don't feel like using it! A bit claustrophobic… Mosquitoes, don't bite! I would bite you back! ;o)

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