Sunday, September 04, 2005

04/09 More

Back to IIMB… Met other exchange students… Have to meet an Indian friend in the afternoon… One more! Tried the pubs on MG road again… Not too crowded. Good! Had a nice time. At IIMB at 9 because the guy had to work the next day.

Didn’t feel like sleeping! Sent messages… Any Indian friends close to IIMB? ;o) One of them came to pick me up… by car, for a change! Smooth long drive… Cross the border of Karnathaka and went back 3 hours later… Slept the last 15 minutes in the car. Speaking English takes me so much energy and the city is kind of stressful too… What’s more, understanding Indian English requires a lot of attention!

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Anonymous said...

Please, dont come back with the indian accent ! Impossible to understand…