Thursday, August 04, 2005

Trade your link

If you wish to trade your link, please leave a comment below.

I would be especially happy to link my blog to sites about India, travels or expat experiences (preferably written in English, French, Spanish, Dutch or Hindi).

I will add your link to my blogroll as soon as you add my link to your website/blog under the name "In love with India".


Dexter said...

done :)

Dexter said...

where is gurgaon in the link? :D you see i am very demanding :p

Dr. Hu said...

I have added you to my blog. "Dr. Hu's MechaKong"

Thank you! :)

Dr. Hu

Indiafreak said...

I recently changed my blog format and still have to add blogroll data. Should be done soon...

Stephanie said...

I'd like to trade link with you.
The rich content of your site is what I'm looking for as additional information for my page (in french)
Thanks to let me know if it's OK for you