Friday, August 05, 2005


The saree is the traditional garment of India and I can’t wait to wear one on special occasions!

A saree is a long strip of unstitched cloth that is draped over the body. It is popular in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, and Malaysia.

The saree is worn with a petticoat (support garments to hold the saree) of a similar shade and with a matching or contrasting choli (blouse). While the saree can be draped in several different styles, the most common style is for the saree to be wrapped around the waist with the loose embroidered or printed end draped over the left shoulder.


Vincent said...

J'attend de voir... On veut des preuves!

On se voit qd avt ton départ? Tu pars qd?

Arup Aditya said...

did u know Sarees are of different types and worn in different styles in India depending on the region u are in..
some of the famous and gorgeous sarees are mysore silk, assam silk,kanjeevaram, katha stitch etc..when in blore chk out Deepali store in MG ROAD for great saree collections !!

Ritesh Khadgaray said...

have to see u n saree to believe this :)

Pavan {bigduke} said...

Hey elyse..did u know that i deal in silk sarees... am a wholesaler and this business is being done from my grand father's time!!
Another info..did u know that the smallest saree of 6yards was woven and was put in a match box by a weaver !!! unbelievable... belive it!!
Pavan {bigduke}

Mohan said...

Hi missie,
ur insight and explorations are great. u are a thorough explorer. keep going

Mohan said...

ur insight and thought for india are simply fabulous. Saree is the most setimental thing for an indian woman. u or most of the woman will spark like a diamond in sarees. carry on, do wear sarees in Belgium.

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