Monday, October 10, 2005


It is estimated that around 2.4 million people are currently living with HIV in India (UNAIDS 2010).

HIV emerged later in India than it did in many other countries. Infection rates soared throughout the 1990s and today the epidemic affects all sectors of Indian society, not just the groups – such as sex workers and truck drivers – with which it was originally associated.

In a country where poverty, illiteracy and poor health are rife, the spread of HIV presents a daunting challenge.

As hundreds of different dialects are spoken in the country, many of the prevention efforts are best carried out at the state and local level. To complement the local initiatives, the government has funded a number of national campaigns to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS (e.g.: ‘Condom Bindas Bol!’ to break the taboo that surrounds condom use, 'Red Ribbon Express’ to provide education, testing and STD treatment).

Worst affected states

Even as it moves into the general population, the HIV epidemic is still misunderstood among the Indian public. People living with HIV have faced violent attacks, been rejected by families and communities and been refused medical treatment. As well as adding to the suffering of people living with HIV, this discrimination is hindering efforts to prevent new infections.

Even if the country's epidemic does not match the severity of those in southern Africa, it is clear that HIV and AIDS will have a devastating effect on the lives of millions of Indians for many years to come. It is essential that effective action is taken to minimise this impact.

More information on AVERT.


Arup Aditya said...

There is a movement in India to fight AIDS..everyone is waking upto this potential is still under wraps in India and ppl would rather not talk about it...pre-marital sex is big taboo in India till today...though youngsters are going for it..thanks to english movies unfortunately iggy Indians think foreigners are up for a lay anytime !! hey but admire u for taking this HIV/AIDS issue on your blog..keep it up samaritian

Benoit said...

Hey girl! Sérieux ton blog! On attend de te voir "en live" en Inde... Ms c bien d aborder le sujet du sida. Faut pas arrêter d en parler... Budget a plat sinon j aurais volontier donné! Bon erasmus!

Ritesh Khadgaray said...

Hi Elise.
A neat tpoics to be covered. the only problem being, it will not reach a mass audience. u can try

"udaya singh khon hai" -> How is udaya singh.

A aids awarness campgain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elise !!!!!!!!!!

Good topic to be covered,It has become one of the biggest issues in India as it has been placed 5th in the world for the most no of effected.People do have the knowledge & it spreading not only for one reason (i.e) Sex ! Sex ! Sex ! Sex ! Sex ! That is the only one thing we ask when a person id effected .....tell me yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do u have an answer for ........

Pap said...

HOW, I m shoquette. A very nice Blog, Mais encore un rien trop sérieux.
Et pendant que l'on s'amuse Wellington décompte les heures. Off course il est temps de penser au kilos de bagages... :-)