Wednesday, August 24, 2005


My expectations are quite high!

I can't wait to discover India and to meet people with other cultures and habits. Hopefully, I won’t have the malaria or/and the Delhi Belly and I will stay in safe and clean rat-free places… Asking too much?

I’m a girl from a rich Western country. We tend to forget it but we have high standards of living. Trying to forget the millions of people living under the poverty line…

While my trip to India will help me understand what many people have to deal with in their everyday life, I am aware that my (privileged) experience will be biased. I will be a student in a country where a large part of the population can’t read, I will eat three meals a day when millions of Indians are starving, and I will stay in hostels/hotels when many people live in the street.

Still, there will be a cultural shock and I feel ready for it.

NB: I hopefully won't hurt anyone's feelings with my posts. Keep in mind that it is my first time in an emerging country. This blog only aims at sharing my own experience, not the absolute truth.

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Amod said...

Love your attitude..not many people think this way..if you're considering joining IIMB I recommend you strongly. You'll get great opportunities there and people like you can make a difference.Have a gr8 life.